RapidSSL® - Cheap 256 Bit SSL Certificates

RapidSSL® is an internet security specialist, focussed on providing small/medium businesses with strong 128 / 256 Bit encryption, industry standard SSL Certificates. RapidSSL® is dedicated to being the lowest cost provider of SSL to the entry level marketplace and offers a number of SSL Certificate brands.


RapidSSL® certificates lower the barrier of entry for companies wanting to secure lite levels of e-commerce. The single root install makes implementation of SSL into a web site very straight forward, making RapidSSL® ideal for low transaction value and low volume e-commerce requirements.


RapidSSL® Wildcard certificates provide a stable, low cost, highly trusted solution and are ideal for low transaction value and low volume e-commerce requirements. Wildcard certificates allow a single certificate to be used to secure multiple sub domains.


FreeSSL™ certificates are 30 day trial certificates that can be used in test environments prior to rolling out full production SSL. FreeSSL™ is the only fully trusted 128 - 256 Bit trial SSL Certificate available today!


RapidSSL® is owned and operated by GeoTrust, Inc.


RapidSSL® SSL Certificates are issued within minutes via automated validation, allowing customers to uniquely obtain certificates immediately.


You can buy RapidSSL® products directly from our web site at reduced prices. Contact Us if you require further information about the RapidSSL® range of products and services.

RapidSSL® Products
Our Most Popular VPS Plan

Root Access:
Dedicated RAM:256 MB
DOUBLE RAM! Limited Time Offer:500 MB
Burst RAM :768 MB
Disk Space:20 GB
Bandwidth/mo.:500 GB
Dedicated IP Address:-
Firewall/Intrusion Protection:
99.9% Uptime Guarantee:
Customer Controlled Backups/Restores:
Setup Fee:$0
Only $26.40/month